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The book that started it all. If you are at the beginning of your Humble Alpha journey, reading and implementing this book is the first step. It’s a powerful paradigm shift itself that will set you on the right path. After this, you’ll have the internal tools to move forward powerfully in life. This book will give you the foundation to participate in the Humble Alpha movement in a significant way

Humble Alpha

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A revolutionary approach to leadership, business and life. Upgrade in a matter of days and weeks, instead of months and years (like most try to do). This Program is Unlike Any Other Program. Your life is about to become amazing and rich, all you need to do it decide, make the one decision that will begin the process and join us today by applying. We guarantee a personalized, custom interaction and massive results with no pre-recorded videos or online learning.

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The Humble Alpha Leadership model is available for leadership certificates in Universities. This is intended for students looking to have a solid foundation of leadership as they build a business. It’s also intended for those who seek professional development. A great way to have all managers and leaders within an organization to unleash their leadership greatness.

Need a


That means it's time to LET GO of your old self.

EVERYONE IS HOLDING ONTO THINGS THEY DON’T NEED. Bad habits, outdated approaches, old ideas..... Sometimes there are also limiting beliefs, shame, or failures.
Those things are weighing you down, and they aren’t serving you in the pursuit of bigger and better outcomes.
But if letting go were so easy, then you would have done it already.

Do you want

Clear steps

to the life you truly desire?

The 3 Keys to a Life of Certainty is for anyone who feels like they are missing something in their quest to create the life they desire.

This eBook provides clarity around finding your new identity, letting go of what's not serving you, and developing the right habits to support you in becoming your best self.

With step-by-step action items, a blueprint for life clarity, and journal space to document your journey, The 3 Keys to a Life of Certainty is the perfect guide for anyone ready to take their life to certainty


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If you’re looking to bring Steven Kuhn to your business, event or conference (online as well), reach out with details. If you would like Steven on your podcast or for an interview, reach out with details. We’re happy to see if it is a fit and collaborate. Please provide details of the dates, audience, budget and any other details that will allow our first call to be fruitful.

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Every year we journey to the heart of Peru to create unshakable certainty and welcome crystal clarity. This journey is jam-packed, yet very peaceful into one of the most fascinating cultures in the world. Prepare to experience the most positive life-changing experience you’ve ever had. You’ll know when you’re ready, because this journey will call you.




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